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Hello and welcome to my blog page! What made me decide to jump into the blogger world you might ask? My best friend, Esther! She got me started with her fabulous sight "Crowned with Laurel" about her families journey to find their children.

I am a very passionate individual that believes every child deserves the best I have to offer as a teacher and human being. It is my hope that I can be a model to all I meet by living a life of abundance with grace and integrity. My role model was my grandmother-Grandma B. She had love in her heart for everyone and taught me everything I know about sewing, quilting, life and love.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Electronic BooBoo and No Job for Me

Well, I did not get the job I interviewed for. In some ways I feel a little relieved, but then I am also a little disappointed. I prayed for guidence as I really, really don't know where I should teach, if I should have a classroom, or if I should substitute. In many ways this has answered the question about wether I should be a school librarian.
The good news is I have made a good impression on the three people I interviewed with and the principal has encouraged me to keep an eye on the job postings. She feels that I am an excellent fit for their district, and the deciding factor was the other candidate had a background in library science (which was one of the reasons I was a little leary about the job in the first place). The other good news is that this was a great opportunity for me to get back in the interview "swing". I really have not had to formally interview in so long that the opportunity was well worth it. I am thinking of contacting the principal back and asking her for feedback from the interview. I know I really need to focus more on my recent accomplishments and connect with some of the key objectives of the district/school just from my own reflection of how the interview went. So overall, I am still feeling pretty good. I know that I always have substituting to keep the funds coming in and keep the experiences fresh.
Now for the more costly electronic booboo...I did not complete my online application for the second district I was applying for (duh, no wonder I wasn't getting called for interviews) no one saw my file because it wasn't uploaded. I must have missed the final submit button. The bummer part of this is that I had applied for two jobs at my son's school, which I would have enjoyed, but have closed and been filled without my application being considered. I have been reasurred that there are still postings going out and up at that district so I won't worry too much. Plus I know that with district boundaries changing next year and a new school opening, there will be positions opening up all over the district as teachers flock to teach at the new school.
I guess you could say "I've been schooled" in the last few days. But like everything else, I have learned many valuable lessons; such as to double check the application before the job closes and don't been prudent with talents and accomplishments in an interview.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Waves of a Pebble

I am completely unable to put into words how disgusted I am at the Pacific Northwests Adoption/foster system. Today, Ella Bella is supposed to be taken from the only "parents" she has known. The pebble was cast because of a jealous mother who was angry that her son would rather live with his dad on a regular basis, sighting the fact that Ella Bella and her sisters don't have a mom and they need him. Now the waves have turned into tidal waves (to make a long story short).
The mom decided to make claims that were not true about my ex sister in laws husband (her ex) so that the foster system believed that they should not be Ella Bella's parents. Since then the sister in law has had to decide between having garbage from her divorce to my brother brought up, which my niece and nephew don't know about, and a beautiful 9 month old little girl who has been with them since she was 2 weeks old, all out of a favor.
The worse part is Ella's aunt who was going to take the oldest sister was hysterical about Ella Bella going into the foster system and being lost that she begged her fiance to take Ella too. He has made it clear from the beginning that he had no intentions to take on Ella Bella too. The result is he called off the wedding, leaving the aunt so distraught, since she does not feel capable of taking care of the older girl on her own. Wow, one person's jealousy has made so many disastrous results to so many families.
How do you heal from this?
We got this news while we were on vacation, but the reality really hit home last night. I brought Ella Bella her quilt (we call them GEEs in our family). This came from my nephew not being able to say "blanky" when he was a baby. See related post for history of the Grandma B Gee. I should have written a note to go with it. I guess I am just in denial that Ella Bella will be taken away. Sister in law is going to look for a picture of Grandma B to give to the new foster mom to put in her baby book. Maybe I can write a letter now and send it.
I am so frustrated. Stupid DSHS. Gerrrrr.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

Okay-Indo was just way too hot for me. We are talking 114 degrees with hot breezes with no escape!!! Way too much for me. Now Oceanside, this is more my speed. It is in the upper 70's with nice cool breezes and we are about a 5 minute walk from the beach. And the beach-wow-nice soft smooth sand, white, beautiful. Heaven on earth. Need I say more? Not the nasty pebbly rocks we have at home that hurts your feet. We spent a couple hours riding the waves today too-lots of fun but I tuckered out first. I think we will all sleep well tonight. I could not believe how much sand I had everywhere!!! Yikes. Well, hope you are all well, we are having fun in Southern California! Until the next post...tata

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Awe on the verge of vacation

Why is it so stressful getting ready for vacation? I swear, everyone else is in bed ready to head off early in the morning and I am still up finishing last minute preparations...never fails. I guess this is just the only time I have to some quiet me time. Plus, there is always something someone still needs, or the mail that has to go out before we leave, or instructions for the cat/fish sitter. Oh and did I mention my oldest son was invited to a leadership camp at his new school? Yeah-"Stretch" was nominated to participate from one of his teachers at his old school. This is a great opportunity for him. Especially since he had to write a paragraph about himself to submit to the advisor for consideration. Mind you the deadline to register was June 15th and we did not receive the invitation until July 10th. So, wouldn't you know I was scrambling this evening to check over his paragraph so I could mail it tomorrow before we go. Of course my husband "Straightlace" did not think there was enough thought put in the paragraph and decided Stretch, he and I should "rewrite" it this evening-DUH the kid is twelve, he doesn't write like his old man does when he is preparing a report for stockholders! Needless to say, it came off very nice, but I did not appreciate having to change things at the last moment when I still had things to finish tonight!!!
The younger son "Smiley" decided to sneak downstairs and play Roller Coaster Tycoon while we were wittling away at the lovely paragraph, when he was supposed to be asleep. Straightlace was not happy with this at all-DUH! He just wanted to be with the rest of the family...
Sometimes I wonder if I am the only sane one in this house...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

So here I am. A fairly new teacher with the dilemma most teachers without a continuing contract face this time of the year. I have been wrestling with where I want to teach. I haven't been able to really pin down where and what grade I want to teach. So far I have looked into a couple of 1st grade positions, a 3rd grade position, and librarian at one of the local elementary schools. The librarian is in a position that I long term substituted for last spring, so I know the position and I get to see all the grades, about 500 students a week.

Then again, if I am offered a classroom position, I have a better opportunity to connect with my own little classroom. hum decisions, decisions.

My fear is I will be offered one of the classrooms before I get a chance to interview for the librarian and then have to make a decision. Which one am I meant to be. Any insights...