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Hello and welcome to my blog page! What made me decide to jump into the blogger world you might ask? My best friend, Esther! She got me started with her fabulous sight "Crowned with Laurel" about her families journey to find their children.

I am a very passionate individual that believes every child deserves the best I have to offer as a teacher and human being. It is my hope that I can be a model to all I meet by living a life of abundance with grace and integrity. My role model was my grandmother-Grandma B. She had love in her heart for everyone and taught me everything I know about sewing, quilting, life and love.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Better Late than Never...

Well, here I go again. I just realized it has been quite a while since I have written. Guess I have been a little busy with kids, life, teaching...what can I say, I know you can all relate!

I saw a really good, although very heavy, movie last week "The Kingdom". Whoa, it was about the terrorism in Saudi Arabia-e-gad! Not for the week hearted by any means lots of blood and violence and a bit of foul language. If you can get passed that, it really is a good message. Very much a thriller.

We also had the chance to see a GREAT dinner theatre but on by the youth in our "parish". The director of the parish youth wrote, produced, and directed it. It is called "Meet the Monsters" and it was so good. A five course meal was served during this five act play. It was about Count Dracula and his wife who are at an inn on Chill Mountain (in Colorado) along with Egor, Victoria (the monster-kind of a Frankinstein spin off), Werewolf aka Mr. Tait, a ghost named Flora, Dr Hyde and Mr. Jekle, an evil innkeeper, Van Helsing (who spends his time hiding in the shadows looking for the evil who lives in the dark) and couple of couples who find themselves at the inn when stuck in a snowstorm. Very very entertaining. The maid turns out to be homocidal as well. Oh yeah, and there was the Hag who was out to kill one of the boys to end a curse that made all the women in her family beautiful. All set in the 40's.

Well got to run, Smiley wants to use my computer and I have to get ready for another busy week.

Until next time, OneTeach

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Graduation Frogs

Well, it is official. I have been released from the Wound Care Center-a fact that was officially marked by a cute little stuffed frog that the center gives to all of their patients who have "graduated". That and the wish that I never see them again-I know sounds harsh but meant in a good way. I have resolved myself to a life in "granny" stockings. I guess if it means I can keep my leg then it is definately worth it.

The best part was as I was leaving the center, I got a call from the elementary school I student taught at and they needed a teacher for the afternoon! I was so excited. I didn't see any of my former students but got an even better treat-I got to suprise my mentor teacher who is now the vice principal at the school. I hadn't seen her since June of last year so it was a very pleasant suprise for both of us!

Also this week I had a student from the school I had started out the year at tell me "I wish we still had Steps to Respect class, because I miss you teaching me". Awwww how can you not love these guys! My response to her "ME TOO, I miss teaching you!" I tell you, I am the luckiest person in the world-I get to do the best job in the world and I get paid for it.

Enjoy your Monday and for those of you in the Pacific Northwest-be careful in the snow that is coming tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busted and Behaving

Well, wouldn't you know that the doc I saw on Friday was in the office when I went to see my doc on Thursday for my yearly physical. My doc was not happy at all. Not to mention that my leg had a huge black scab like spot on the back and was very red and hot on the edges. He sent me immediately to the local wound care clinic. Boy did my day get long. Luckily they got me in right away and they are sooo nice. The took pictures of my leg-YUCK and basically confirmed what I suspected. The black was dead skin. Their concern was that under the dead skin I was either regenerating new skin or it was killing off the skin underneath. Because I had let the skin dry out-not knowing really how I should treat my leg at the time they wanted to get the skin soft and damp. To do this they put a vasaline type soaked gauze on my leg then wrapped my leg in a 4 layer wrap. It basically looks and feels like a soft cast from my toes to my knee.

The good news is that when I went in for a dressing change on Monday, the site had shrunk to almost half of what it was-Yeah. So now I go in on Thursday to see the nurse practicianer and she sets the next steps in treatment. I am assuming that they will be removing some of the skin that has softened. The nurse said she was also pleased that there wasn't a larger amount of discharge from my leg-looked nasty to me, green and gunky. There was still some swelling in my foot and leg so I still need to stay off it. Not fun but what can you do.

Speaking of health care-I just read my dear friend Esther is committed to lose 45lbs before August. I need to lose about 40-45lbs so I am thinking this is just the motivation I need.

For now, One Teach

Monday, January 7, 2008

Where were we...

Happy New Year everyone!

Well the kids are back in school and I am flat on my back again. Yes I have another bout of Cellulitis. Any ideas on getting rid of this once and for all??? I am so frustrated. I am supposed to teach tomorrow in a 1st grade class, luckily I don't really have anything else planned for the week so I can recover, but man, how much more of this do I have to take. I am definately discussing a referral to an endocronologist on Thursday when I go in for my physical with my regular doc. The covering doc on Friday mentioned something about a infectious disease specialist-geez-what next. Actually I am hoping we can come up with a workable preventative maintence plan as I really am going crazy being cooped up.

On the bright side, StraightGuy did come down on Stretch last night after he had told him to do the dishes and he ignored him. Later at bedtime he went in and spoke to Stretch about now that he is older he needs to take on more responsibilities especially now when I can't be on my feet. Nice to have a little back up once in a while.