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Hello and welcome to my blog page! What made me decide to jump into the blogger world you might ask? My best friend, Esther! She got me started with her fabulous sight "Crowned with Laurel" about her families journey to find their children.

I am a very passionate individual that believes every child deserves the best I have to offer as a teacher and human being. It is my hope that I can be a model to all I meet by living a life of abundance with grace and integrity. My role model was my grandmother-Grandma B. She had love in her heart for everyone and taught me everything I know about sewing, quilting, life and love.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Follow up Update

Well, so much for getting back to temp was a little over 100 and the swelling and heat was still more than my doctor would like, so it's back to the couch for me. Luckily, there was another Karen Kingsbury novel at the library. Hopefully reading will keep me out of trouble for a while.

I am beginning to think that StraightGuy isn't too excited about having to do laundry, etc. My mom has taken over most of the cooking and the dishes, etc., but has left him the laundry-not much ironing happening that's for sure. hahaha

Oh well, I for one will not look a gift horse in the mouth-I am very appreciative of all that he is doing to help out-not that I didn't chuckle when Stretch made the comment last night "FINALLY, I have clean clothes"

Smiley just chews me out everytime I get up and walk around-such a cutie!

Day three and Happy Halloween

Well, there I was mourning the loss of a great roommate when what do you know, they move me down the hall-okay so what that it was 10:30am at night, hey it was a lot quieter down there and the gentleman they switched me with needed to be closer to the nurses' station. Personally, I did not mind at all. I got the first great night sleep since I had been in the hospital and woke up feeling pretty good.

Well, that changed bright and early when the brought me a new roommate. She was pretty small and elderly, at least so she looked as I made my way to the restroom later that morning. Unfortunately, she was also detoxing and had a mouth like a longshoreman. As I was on the phone with my pastor I was silently praying that she would continue to stay asleep so that the profound utterances she had shouted all morning would not be overheard by my pastor.

My poor uncle came to visit me and experieced first hand her tirade whenever they tried to wake her or ask her questions. Basically they ended up giving her a one-on-one with one of the certified nursing assistance that got to hang out with her while she slept/complained/etc. Not very exciting but less stressful to me and probably the whole rest of the floor.

Needless to say I was jumping for joy when the doctor came in and told me I could go home. You could not get me out of there fast enough. I think at this point I will do whatever my doctor asks as long as he doesn't put me back in the hospital....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 2 and a nice neighbor

Happily I can say my Type 1 diabetic neighbor was discharged on day two of my stay. This left me with some peace and quiet for rest. I took advantage when I could by found it difficult as I was still in pain/feverish not to mention overly tired.

Day 2 evening brought a nice lady and her husband. He was very doting and sweet, he even stayed the night, choosing to sleep upright with his head on her bed-aahhh. I even enjoyed listening as he read to her from the Bible to pass time and help her with her pain. She never really complained but had been sick for about 3 months-poor baby-and came in with an absessed tooth. Wow-what was an absessed tooth turned out to be suspected MRSA-for those who don't know that is the newest craze going around of highly contagious, highly resistant virus. Luckily it is most commonly spread orally-whew, since they had been taking her vitals for the last 24 hours then taking mine with the same blood pressure cuff and oxygen meter-gee thanks. To make a long story short, she was quickly whisked down to a private room on the 5th floor after the couple happened to mention the doctor had brought up the possible diagnosis of MRSA that afternoon, but neglected to tell anyone else-including the nurses. That's so nice. I don't think our nurse was very pleased with our doctor as there was about a 6 hour time lag between the possible diagnosis given and the patient being isolated-HUM opps! I would say maybe that wasn't the case, but unfortunately with walls made of fabric curtains, I too heard the misterious diagnosis of MRSA-not that I knew what it was at the time. Apparently, when her dad came to visit her in the hospital that evening it was brought up that another family member had recently had it and that her dad urged her to make sure the nurses knew. Boy did that start things moving pretty fast.

So that was the end of my nice neighbor-boo hoo. I would have kept them around if I could just so long as they didn't give me any more whining drug seekers-my pounding head couldn't take it anymore.

Life in the hospital was looking up, or so I thought...

Monday, October 29, 2007

12 hours later and no relief in sight

Well, there I was happily laying in my nice comfy hospital bed with nice warm blankets on me with a raging temperature. Now by this time I had had one bottle of water since breakfast and it was about 10 pm-oh wait, that nice walk in doc did decide to stick me with one dose of antibiotics in the hip-like that could do any good-at least he tried.

Imagine my further shock when the nurses apologized and said that they really wanted to help me but could not so much as give me an Tylenol until they had doctors orders-this also included WATER! Okay, I can understand the Tylenol, but water. Remember I had been feverish and near delusional all afternoon so it was difficult for me to speak loudly let alone look at anyone. I kept my eyes closed at this point-partly to use yoga meditation to control my leg pain, but also because my head was pounding and the light was killing my eyes.

Not long after I got there they wheeled in an interesting lady who's husband probably stayed for 5 minutes once she was admitted and settled into her bed-something about uncontrolled diabetes type I and she kept crying and asking for her pain meds, hum, after she started listing her ails and the laundry list of narcotics she was taking and would prefer, I quickly realized this was more than likely a narcotic "fix" visit for her. Love those drug seekers. I do genuinely believe that the lady was in pain but to not go to your doctor to get your insulin refilled because you didn't want to pay a copay seems a little stupid, hum more like the doc would not refill any of her meds until she came in to review all the narcotics she was taking.

As all this was going on I was still patiently waiting for the doctor who what supposed to have gotten all the admitting arranged. When he did finally show, imagine my shock when he had very little knowledge as to why I was there. Great! The night had just gotten better. As I was trying to recount the day to give him the details, he lost patience and just wanted the facts-never mind that I was telling him what happened the last time I had gotten cellulitis and hadn't headed the doctors desire to put me in the hospital. Finally, that was finished and I finally got my water, and ice packs under my arms, and warm towels wrapped around my arms (they were trying to get one of my dehydrated veins to pop out so they could tap it for my hep-loc for my IV) Nice, now you say you want a vein. Eventually they did find one in my hand. Happily my nurse felt that she would not be successful at starting the IV line so she asked another nurse to assist her-thank you LORD-at least the IV was placed without any major catastrophe.

Believe it or not, it took the doc quite a while to write orders in my chart so that they could actually start the IV-but by then the Tylenol was starting take effect and the ice was bringing down my temp a bit. I think it was actually about 1:30am before they actually started the first IV of fluids then about 15-20 minutes later before they added the first of the two antibiotics. Finally, my poor mother headed for home-exhausted and promising to come back tomorrow later in the morning as she was sleeping in.

I finally dozed off into oblivion between the nurses taking my vitals and my roommates snoring and whimpering for drugs. Aah the life of Riley-Yeah right!

Oh and I can happily say I can now walk on my foot most of the time without too much pain and my headaches have stopped=YEAH!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy to be out of Hospital Land

I guess now would be a good time to start with the hospital. Hum, okay, so the hospital is very well kept, the nurses and nurses aides are fabulous, BUT. Did you notice that big but. Let's look at just the process of getting into the hospital shall we.
After convincing myself that I would rather nip whatever this thing was quickly in the bud this time rather than have it get bad then having to suffer through, I was completely relieved when the nice walk in doc who discovered my high white count and rapidly increasing symptoms - Uh it took you all day to figure this out-said everything was all ready for me at the hospital, bed, antibiotics etc.

Imagine my suprise when we got to said hospital and my poor diabetic, physically disabled mother who had been pushing me all over the place all afternoon had to yet again, get a wheelchair and push me into the hospital-what ever happened to orderlies? Unfortunately, by this time the swelling and sensitivity made it next to impossible to walk. Did I mention pain. Minor detail.

Well, off we went to the admitting desk and the nice polite lady tells us we have to go around to the ER admitting part of the desk. Hum okay-We explained to her everything was supposed to be arranged (in my delusional high temp I forgot that the hospital was not part of the huge conglomerate that is my doc's office). Luckily, my dear mother thought to bring in my purse when she went back out to park the car. So it was paperwork and questions. Nothing new since it had been a while since I had had to go to the hospital. I guess I was due. In the course of all this StraightGuy calls-he was manning the home front/kid department- to say someone from Smiley's school kept calling demanding I call her back tonight-I will get to that story in another post-so basically my mood was a little testy. Mind you I did not lose my temper or shout at anyone-I did not have the energy for any of that and was just praying for this nightmare to end.

Well, we finally got the paperwork settled and the nice lady tells us which bed is waiting for me and if we can find it okay or need some assistance. Hum-you would think one look at me half coherent and my poor bedraggled mom and she would have an answer to that one-but no-so I said "get someone to help". That was a mistake. I think it was 20-30 minutes before someone showed up to push me up stairs in a 5 minute ride-oh sorry for disturbing your nap-okay that was a little mean but hey it hurt! and no I did NOT say that out loud. To make matters worse, as we were backing up from the admission desk to go park it in the waiting room, an orderly comes whipping through the path behind my mom and loudly says "Behind you, I have the right of way". Well my jaw could have dropped to the floor on that one. I was NOT happy. My thoughts here were somewhere along the lines of "I am about to tell you where you can put your right of way" Once again, I did not say that out loud.

Well, eventually I did get upstairs and into a nice soft bed with lots of nice warm out of the heater blankets (by then I was toting a fever of 102.9). I was so happy because this had to be where they were ready to start the IV antibiotics and Tylenol and I could maybe get some sleep. Okay, maybe not, but that is part of the next part of the story.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 days in the hospital...

and more gratitude than you could ever imagine. Yes I had a little side trip to the hospital and I am now very thankfully home! I am still pretty much flat on my back but much more happier to be this way at home.

So what in the heck you ask? Well, Monday was a very interesting day for me. It all started with a very sensitive sore knee that I thought I must have slept wrong etc. I was substituting in one of my favorite classes for a half day and was doing quite well when I noticed my knee was really bugging me. As the morning progressed the area behind my knee began to hurt worse and my calf had a bit of an ache to it. As my day was finishing up I thought "No biggy" and worked it a bit hoping to losen up any kinks. Well, low and behold about a half an hour before my half day was to end I started to feel a little chilly. This did not sit well with me at all as I had a rather unconfortable episode of cellulitis in this same particular foot a few years ago and it was not exactly something I have liked to repeat. Ironically, I had just discussed this episode with a dear fellow from church on Sunday who had picked up a little friend on his way home from Tijajia on a Mission trip the previous week and had to deal with the same thing-cellulitis caused by a bacterial infection that entered into his foot by an open cut. Hum interesting, since I still recalled the wonderful pain which accompanied this, he and I were comparing notes.

Wouldn't you know the next day I would wind up with the same thing-go figure-in the same leg as last time-go figure. Unforturnately, I know it was cellulitis or a blood clot by 4 pm Monday as I noticed when I put my leg up on the exam table to be ultrasounded the beautiful tell tale red on my calf. As I informed the Ultrasound tech (once she ruled out a blood clot) that she needed to "grab a pen right now and mark where the redness ends because this thing is going up my leg before you blink". She reluctantly did it although she made some snide comment about my wanting her to play doctor and mark my leg. To make this already overly long day better, when she called the doc who ordered the ultrasound back they told her to have me go all the way back to my town where there was a three hour wait for a walk in clinic-Uh no. I pretty much became slightly baligerent at that time and gave her the list of events that would now take place once this lovely redness had reared it's uglyness. With a bit of contempt she checked the local walk in which had half the wait time and was right across the street. We opted for across the street.

By this time I had a raging fever and was really getting a bit tired of everyone dilly daling. Luckily when I told the receptionist what was going on and what the next steps of my symptoms would be she was nice enough to pass this on to the nurse, so they did do there best to get me in.

Mind you I had spent very little time with my leg up at this time with an ever increasing blood pressure and temperture. I loved the nurse who said "82 over 133, that's pretty good". I think she was having a difficult time understanding that my mom and I were telling the truth when we both tried to tell her that I have LOW blood pressure and that this was EXTREMELY HIGH for me. The nice thing was the triage nurse at this clinic finally realized that my leg was looking a bit swollen and that maybe sitting around all day in a wheelchair wasn't helping it much. DUH! Oh did I mention how painful it is to walk when this occurs.

Now we were looking at about 8pm and very little resolution. Up until this point I hadn't eaten since breakfast, nor had anything to drink this of course is just fantastic when you have a raging fever. (Not to mention people asking that same dumb questions over and over again). At least the walk in doc had some sense when he took some blood and realized-gee her white count is 203,000 and this infection has spread rather quickly up her leg. His thoughts-send me to the hospital. We were told that there was a bed waiting for me and everything was set-hum-that is a whole nother story for us to explore. Well, we got to the hospital about 9 ish, I think I finally made it up to the room and layed there barely coherent with fever describing the events of the day, symptoms, past occurance, past coarse of treatment yet again only to repeat it again at 12:30am to the on call doc that was supposed to have everything ready for me-HUH? As there were no doctor orders until after this joker finally saw me in the wee hours of the am, not so much as a Tylenal or even water was allowed. Warm blankets thankfully were so at least that problem was being addressed.

Since shift change came right before the doctor came, it was quite a while before his orders were written, IV antibiotics were ordered, water was given, oh, and did I mention water-and the nurse was wondering why she was having such a difficult time finding a vein and called someone else to put in my IV cathiter-Duh. Good thing I was so hard to understand by this point and too exhausted to fight. Well the IV was finally started about 1:30ish am on Tuesday morning-well more than 12 hours after this fun little adventure started. Then there was the adventures in the hospital but that's another story...

My leg is just starting to heal (with the type of infection I have, it literally "burned" my skin from the inside out so now it is blistering in some areas and turning black in others-I know it sounds so pretty). I can live with the "grossness", it's the pain with any pressure and the sever swelling that makes it tough. Since I do not take narcotics for pain, I tend to avoid as much pain as possible and go for the couch route with crutches for mandatory movement! hahaha

There has also been an interesting side affect of headaches, but that is more than likely remnents of the fever/infection. The good news is my fever is slowly going down and I should be normal before too long-oh wait, I guess that means I would have had to be normal in the first place =-) haha For this, Tylenol is my new best friend, happily it only seems to be really bugging me to much around evening, but then again-I haven't been home with a couple of goofy boys for three days so we'll see how things are going.

Stay tuned for more of the many zany adventures of my last three days...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Power of the winning team and lessons from the losing team

Stretch is really a great football player. He has taken suggestions, practiced hard, and really began to hone his craft. I am really impressed at how much he has put into this. Unfortunately, his team has only won one game this whole session. With one more game to go, it doesn't look to be a very promising season. Personally, I am very proud of the effort and improvement the entire team has made! Funny the coach said it would probably be the second to the last game before they start playing as a team. He was right. Last Tuesday's game was incredible. The boys were playing as a solid team. Granted they still did not win, but they have bonded, supported, and really become a team. I had to smile when I overheard the coach telling the boys about one of their team members was having a difficult time in one of his classes as there was another student who was tormenting him and he was reacting and getting in trouble so he was disqualified to play in the game. The coach was asking the boys to help him out and look out for him so that when the person who was bothering him started in, they would help him make the right decision and walk away. The heartwarming part was that the two boys that have the same class with this boy, eagerly agreed to support him. WOW! Suddenly, I did not worry so much about my son and if he was making friends and getting along in school.
More importantly than winning a football game, my son has found a place at school where he belongs and has friends and teammates who will support and stand beside him in what can many times be a challenging time in life. Oh speaking of which-check out this link it is so Stretch at this point in his life.
So do I think Smiley has the better end of the deal because his soccer team is undefeated-I don't think so. Maybe it is Stretch and his losing football team that has gained more this year.
I don't know-weigh on this one and tell me what you think!

So I'm not a computer genius

But hey I do try...
I was so frustrated because Esther had a great post and I could not publish it because I could not get my computer to open up the window. Silly computer, I know I know, it's probably the operator, but I swear I did not do anything different and it all the sudden works again. Go figure. Anyway, I am exhaused, but happy. I have not taken a day off for about two weeks, have laundry piled up, the bathrooms need to be cleaned BADLY, but I have seen the kids I started off teaching this year at least once a week and gotten at least two dozen hugs a day from said cherubs.
My own kids are doing very well. Busy with soccer and football, jazz band and leadership. Man I swear if either one of them join any other groups or clubs I think I will lose it.
Life is good.
Check out this link-hilarious article
Don't forget to stop by Esther's blog as well. She has been so busy but happier than I have ever experienced her! Never Move Again

Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday, Monday or something like that

Can you believe I got a call at 7am this morning to work at 7:30am. Hum, NO! Normally, I could have done it but considering I just woke up, no. It was at one of the middle schools that I hadn't worked at yet so I wasn't too gung ho anyway.

I think that as I am already scheduled to work three days this week, I am not too worried about working today. Actually, I got some housework done, relaxed a bit, finished the laundry. All those lovely things I never get a chance to do. How do people manage a family of 4, a house, work, cook decent meals, not go crazy. Any suggestions other than hiring a maid-sorry out of my budget.

Stretch has his third football game tomorrow. He has turned into quite the football animal-he loves to tackle and for such a skinny guy it takes quite a few guys to bring him down. So far they have lost their games, but not for the lack of trying. We find it interesting that the coach continues to call the same plays even after they have proven to be unsuccessful. Any thoughts on this?